Best way to get recruited in 2022

What to do to get recruited in 2022?

The Air App is the best digital tool to gain recruitment exposure without physically being anywhere other than on your phone. With the same concept as uploading your highlight reels to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tik Tok, it betters your odds of your videos being seen by peers, coaches, and trainers at the next level. Every registered college is on the air app as you should be too to increase the odds of recruitment exposure. Join the Air App today and post your highlights for sports programs like 247 Sports, Rivals, Pylon, Top College coaching staff to show that you are the one they want today!

Whether you are a college coach, player, and even a trainer, if you are involved in any sport the Air App can be utilized for beneficial results. Players use the app to broadcast their talents, abilities, and biometrics to next-level staffing. Coaches may utilize the app to quickly fill roster slots at the necessary positions needed. Even athletic trainers can use the app put an athlete out there if they lack resources for needed recruitment exposure and it's that simple!

The air App is available for Free in the Apple and Google marketplace. Download it and upload yourself now.

How to use the Air App!


  • Create your athletic resume

  • Upload your highlights

  • Provide your interests

  • Connect with college coaches

Liaisons (Athlete Representatives):

  • Act as an intermediary 3rd party who bridges communication between their student-athletes & the college coaches

  • Create a profile and link accounts with their student-athletes

  • Connect with coaches on the student athletes’ behalf

  • Could be an HS coach, parent, guardian, trainer, school administrator, mentor, etc.

College Coaches:

  • Determine the features you’re looking for

  • Sort through prospective players

  • Connect with student-athletes & their respective Liaisons

AIR app will help you in several ways whether you are a student-athlete, liaison, or college coach.

The basic features are free and should provide you with enough tools to earn offers or hand one out from a coaches perspective. You will be able to build up your social network and create relationships, filter to find exactly what you are searching for, whether you are a player or a coach

brand yourself and who you are and provide all of the information to be found. Save your time and

Download AIR Here:​​​​​​​

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