Explosiveness Plyometrics Power Distribution Motor Patterns

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During the early pre-season phase of training, the emphasis is placed on developing maximal strength. The more force a muscle can produce, the more potential there is for greater power and speed. Of course the other element of the power equation is the speed of muscle contraction or the rate of force development. While strength and power training alone can increase an athletes speed, combining it with sprint training is more effective. Basic sprints help to improve reaction time, acceleration, top speed and deceleration. Keeping the exercise intervals short (i.e. <20 seconds) or the work to rest ratio relatively high (i.e. 1:5), prevents blood lactate from accumulating. Sprints can be repeated at near maximal velocity, which is necessary to induce the right neuromuscular adaptations. A basic speed training program can be adapted by running uphill and downhill. Incline running helps to improve power during hip flexion and extension (15). Downhill running is effective at improving co-ordination and stride frequency.

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